You might came here because of the the game Desert Rally.
This game is years old and hasn't been developed by me. So i'm not responsible for what this game might do to you.

Thing is, i liked that game until this site was closed and the domain fell into the hands of a domain-grabber.
Desert Rally wasn't playable anymore. Now i could manage to buy this domain and i brought back the
infrastructure behind Desert Rally. So if you wanted to play it again too, now you can.

I brought back the ingame "live" ranking. Actually it's not live, cause the game loads that list every time
you start playing and that's it. Anyway, you now can play against the last 99 results.
This means, each time you play, you'll get a more or less different list.
Have fun and enjoy the game.
Desert Rally has been played 1.132.027 times since 2015-07-09.
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