Can you create a new version of Desert Rally?

As already mentioned on the main page, Desert Rally hasn't been created by me. It is a flash game and i'm not a flash developer. I'm a php developer, so i was able to bring back all mechanism to handle the data of the game, but i'm not able to make any changes to the game itself.

Can you tell someone else to make a new version?

Theoretically, i could, but as flash is sort of a discontinued model, it doesn't make sense to make any changes to the current game, it would be a waste of money. So the only reasonable thing to do would be to recreate it from the scratch in HTML5. Unfortunately both ways would cost quite some money, actually way too much money for a nice to have game, that doesn't generate any money.

Can't you do crowdfunding to raise money for it?

Also, i could do that. But having the money is only a small part. You need to put effort into it. For example finding developers who are able to recreate and to enhance the game, while making sure they're not taking away the feeling and the fun of the old game. But even then, you're only half way there.

Currently around 8.000 to 9.000 people per month are playing this game. Those people create data that need to be stored. To keep the statistics at the end of the game accurate, i don't like the idea of deleting older data continuously. Means the database keeps growing and growing. At the current rate, i'm able to manage that for a few years from now (2019).

But what will happen when this game becomes HTML5 and therefore available to more people again? Right, there will be more data per month. Way more data per month. And not only that. There will also be way more requests to the server per month. The consequence is, that a bigger server will be needed, which costs also more money. Money i'll have to pay every month. Means, each month i'll have to make sure that i collect enough money from the people or with advertisement, so i can pay the server. That's an effort, i don't think is worth to put into a nice to have game also.

So there will be no new version ever?

Well, before i started to bring this game back into life, i contacted the developer of the game and also during the process of reverse engineering the server part of the game, but he never ever replied. Maybe the data i grabbed from didn't belong to him anymore. I don't know.

The game was launched at the end of the year 2007. So right now (2019) it is nearly 12 years old. The game itself is hosted on many flashgame sites even today. The original sites that hosted this game, this site ( and, had been discontinued.

Why am i telling you this? To me it doesn't look like the developer has any intentions to claim any demands regarding this game. I think it is safe to say that, if you are a devoloper or you know a developer, you can create a new version of Desert Rally.

So the version of Desert Rally on this site might never be updated, but that doesn't have to mean other people can't do it.

Will you use ?

The short answer is no. So why not? Just like with jQuery, you have to options to use ruffle on a website. You can link to the ruffle library or you can download and host it. It doesn't matter which option you choose, it's kind of a risk. If you choose to link to the library, you will always have the latest version of course, but if the ruffle server is compromised, your website will automatically be too, as you directly include their stuff. To avoid that, you have option two, which is to download the library and host it yourself, but that will require to regularly check on it and download a new version, should there be a fix for something critical. So the first option is risky, the second option is time consuming. As we are dealing with flash files here, i see quite a potential risk for users, although ruffle says their stuff is more secure than the flashplayer ever was. I don't feel good about including this into directly and having all the work by going for option two is not an option for me.

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